Welcome to our MEGA OFFICE


We are the largest and most productive office in North America for the 12th year! Home to two of the Top 10 BHHS individuals and 4 of the Top 15 teams in our BHHS Network.


This marks our 4th consecutive year hosting Explosion Real Estate Conference: An invite only event, attendees from more than 45 markets, located all around the country, all gathering to share our most innovative business strategies.


Ranked by Entrepreneur Magazine, Culture IQ, and the World’s Greatest – it’s no question why we are known for our dynamic Company Culture. It’s evident the moment you walk in the door; glass doors, funky colors, hand painted murals – we got it all! Not to mention a vibrant alluring energy that radiates throughout the halls and walls of our 81,000 sq ft, multi-level, “glass house” 


Our vision is to offer our clients a seamless and joyful homebuying experience and we are changing the game by providing top of the line, in-house concierge services and launching new technology to take any stress out of relocating.


Please join us for EXPLOSION2022 as industry leaders alike come together to share our passion and vision for the FUTURE of REAL ESTATE!


"We're living in a world constantly changing; we want to be an organization that continues to embrace change as the world changes faster than ever before, but we also want to stay true to our roots: RELATIONSHIP BUILDING.  Social Media, Tech and Innovation, they're important, but they are nothing more than a vehicle for building relationships.  We will continue to focus on culture and coaching.  If we help our agents grow, we will continue to grow.  But we have to continue to embrace change."  - Vince Leisey, President of BHHS Ambassador Real Estate.